8 leading ICT and Computer Associations sign MOU with ICDL Thailand

June 2019 Asia 8 Org Signing Thailand 3 1

June 2019 Asia 8 Org Signing Thailand 3 1

ICDL Thailand signed an exclusive memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 8 leading ICT and Computer Association in Thailand held at Centra Hotel, Bangkok.

June 2019 Asia 8 Org Signing Thailand 3 1

They include:
CAT – Computer Association of Thailand
e-LAT – e-Learning Association of Thailand
ASTI – Association of Thai Digital industries
CIPAT – Cyber Innovation Promotion Association of Thailand
ATDI – Association of Thai Digital Industries
Thai e-Commerce Association
TDTA – Thai Digital Trade Association
AiAT – Artificial Intelligence Association of Thailand

The Ministry of Digital Economy who was represented by Deputy Permanent Secretary Khun Vunnaporn Devahastin Suthapred presided over the event, highlighted on the need for co-operation between the private sector, government and international standards, in order to achieve Digital Thailand 4.0. The Council of Digital Economy was represented by Khun Chamaiporn Pornorukanant who honourably witnessed the event.

The associations agreed to work with ICDL Thailand to develop digital literacy standards in Thailand through the use of the ICDL Foundation certification programmes. The associations will promote ICDL certification and develop digital skills for their members and offer digital skills development to the community as required.

ICDL Thailand sees this as a significant step in the development of digital literacy and these partnerships will greatly increase the capacity to build skills throughout the country.

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