1What is ICDL?
The ICDL (International Computer Driving License) is an entry‐level computer certification designed to demonstrate a user’s competence in all‐round computer use within a typical office‐like environment. Inside Europe, the ICDL is known as the ICDL (International Computer Driving License).
2Do ICDL certificates expire?
No. The ICDL certificate confirms that you are knowledgeable in ICT concepts not applications. ICT concepts do not change every time a new version or application is released.
3How to access your ICDL profile?
If you are an ICDL candidate and your ICDL Profile certificate has been issued to you, you can view an online copy at https://icdl.vn/ Please enter your personal certificate code that was provided by your Test Centre or just scan the QR code from your certificate.
4How many questions per test? How long does it take? What is the grade required to successfully pass each module?
There are 36 questions per module. They last 45 minutes each for base modules. You must answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass.
5How are candidates tested?
Candidates are tested in examination conditions supervised by an ICDL Accredited Tester. Test centres use automated test systems which automatically assess the candidates performance on completion of each test. Automated Tests provide immediate feedback to both the centre and the candidate. Candidates must complete one test for each module. There are two types of questions: multiple choice and practical. Find out here https://youtu.be/ZyXkw3rrA0s
6What is the ICDL pass rate?
According to statistics of ICDL Vietnam, the passing rate of 5 basic ICDL tests for students of high quality colleges and universities in Vietnam is more than 80%.
7Is training compulsory?
No. If you believe that you already have appropriate IT skills and are sufficiently experienced, candidates can register i.e. purchase a Candidate Registration Number (CRN) and start to take the certification tests. Everyone will have various levels of knowledge and experience and many want to undergo training for the areas where their background may be inadequate. It is recommended that candidates review the ICDL syllabus for more detailed information on the modules and the knowledge needed to pass them.
8How do you register ICDL test?
Please contact your local test centre directly to register ICDL test?
9What is the cost of the ICDL exams?
The exact cost for testing (and for training, if needed), is set by the ECDL Accredited Test Centre itself. Please contact your local test centre directly for pricing information.
10If I fail a module, when can I re-sit the test?
You can re-sit the test at the next available time at your chosen ECDL Accredited Test Centre (please contact your local test centre as additional fees will be required).
11How long does it take to return results and receive certificates? Where?
After finishing the exam, the computer will automatically grade and show the exam results immediately. If successful, candidates will receive a certificate within 30 days, at the place where they took the test.
12 I misplaced my certificate. Can I order a replacement certificate?
You should contact the Test Centre where you did your last test to order a replacement certificate. You will incur a fee to order this: 150.000VNĐ. Note that the certificate will NOT be issued immediately by the Test Centre. ICDL Vietnam will issue the certificate and pass this on to the Test Centre.
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